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POST-Wedding Questionnaire

Following your wedding we will go through all the files from the day and put together the edited video and RAW footage bundle. There are five stages to the editing process as listed: 1. Going Through the Footage 2. Editing the Storyline 3. Colouring 4. Sound Design 5. Rendering and Delivery. Our number one goal for your edited video is to create exactly what you are looking for, so we created this questionnaire with the intention to be as specific as possible. Please note that if you are having a hard time answering a question or it doesn't matter to you, we can always offer our advice or pick for you; this gives those that would like input, an opportunity to add it to their video. 

Post-Wedding Questionaire

Music adds a lot to the video, so picking the right song will affect the entire mood and pace of the video. Unfortunately, we are not able to use your favourite everyday song, or anything that we do not have a license to use, due to copyright restrictions. This is intended to protect us and yourselves from legal action. We have a large selection of licensed music that you can select from On this website you will be able to find over 10 thousand music options. You can select a video theme on the left hand side of the screen and select weddings, or browse through the variety of other options. Once you’ve picked a song(s) that corresponds with your edited video time, let us know the name of the song here. You may pick up to three songs for us to use or choose from depending on the length of the edited video. There is a link at the bottom of this page.

We break down the wedding day by different stages; the getting ready, the ceremony, cocktail hour/photos, and reception (some weddings may look different than this). Normally, we balance out the edited video with shots from all the different stages depending on the length of the package you have selected. Is there a stage you would like to see more of in the edited video? Or would you like to keep it balanced? 

On top of the great visuals, we were also able to capture a lot of great moments through audio. What would you like to hear in the video? Audio from speeches? Audio from the ceremony? Vows? The officiant? Or maybe you would like to let the music/song do the talking? 

Walking down the aisle is a big moment at the wedding. Who would you like to see walking down in your video? 

We use graphic texts to help tell your story in the edited video. Check the boxes of the titles you would like to see appear in your video.


Is there anything else you would like to request for the edited video? 

Thanks for submitting!

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