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FYA Media House 
A developing production company based in Vancouver, British Columbia; FYA Media House is eager to explore the world in search of inspiring moments, and to work with brands and clients to reach the highest level of excellence. By expanding our knowledge, and applying our skills into a vast range of work, there is no limit to the stories we are able to tell. An immense amount of work and focus goes into each step of communication, planning, and production, in order to deliver an exceptional product. Our uniquely crafted, and detailed approach to cinematography is designed to highlight the worlds natural splendour. We hold ourselves to the highest caliber, and through our art, will always continue to encourage others to adventure out.
Find Your Adventure. 

The Team


Liam Peterson

Founder | Producer

Liam was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta and moved to Vancouver, British Columbia when he was 18 to pursue his passion for filmmaking. He grew up playing sports including hockey, lacrosse, and golf, on top of his love for travelling, history, and nature. His enthusiasm for documenting stories originates from his father, who never failed to capture a moment of life. Growing up with small camcorders around the house, Liam has remained a self taught cinematographer, learning about gear and filmmaking through experiment and books, to the point now, where he owns and operates using a RED camera and other cinema gear. Liam is always excited to meet new people, learn about different cultures and is constantly looking for ways to diversify himself as a filmmaker and creator. 

The Wedding Team

IMG_4739 copy.jpg

Leanne Sim

Lifestyle & Wedding Photographer

"Having been born and raised on the west coast, I feel inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds us. My work showcases the stunning scenery that can be found with this gorgeous backdrop, highlighting the natural looks and warm tones while embracing the romantics feel of being in a forest or a meadow or next to a river. If you want a photographer that just shows up and does their job, I'm not your girl. I'm invested. I hope we can even be even good friends in the process. Whether you are looking for wedding photography, family photos, a branding session - it isn't about creating stunning photos, it is about enjoying every moment of your experience."


Stacie Lynn

"Hey, I'm Stacie! A Fraser Valley based wedding photographer for the genuine & laid back couples who embrace full belly laughter, a little inappropriate humour, bad dance moves & having a hell of a good time! I'm all about becoming bff's with my couples, truly getting to know them & being a friend who just gets to hang out with them all day at their wedding! Your wedding day can be whatever you want to make it & as long as you're having the best day of your life that's all that matters!"

Lifestyle & Wedding Photographer


Jodie Fulcher

Wedding Planner | Thistle and

Thorne Weddings

"It’s my purpose in life (I think) to love, protect and lift up humans. I think everyone is unique & creative in their own weird & wonderful ways and getting to know people is one of my favourite parts of my job. ⁣Maybe I wont "get" what you love but if you LOVE something and it's your WORLD I am so excited to learn about it and share your energy for it"


Alyssa Ryan

Florist | AJR Designs

Alyssa has always had an entrepreneurial, creative talent. Since graduating at the top of dean's list from UFV for her floral classes to being a published florist. She has rocketed into the wedding industry. She strives to stay on trend while still keeping traditional touches, bringing the skills, knowledge and a professionalism that can’t be found anywhere else.

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