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PRE-Wedding Questionnaire

Thank you for booking with FYA Media House! We are very excited to be apart of your wedding day, and are grateful to get the opportunity to work with you going forward. This is the pre-wedding questionnaire. We use this questionnaire with the intention of getting to know our couples a bit more, and getting as much information as we can for the wedding day, so we can be best prepared. We do appreciate you taking the time to fill out the questionnaire; it also does help us create a story for the edited video after the wedding day. Below you will see a question, we ask that you type below the listed question. If you do not have an answer yet, please put TBD, or if you do not feel comfortable answering a question please answer N/A. 

Pre-Wedding Questionnaire

Please provide a contact name and phone number for the wedding day. This can be a planner, someone from the bridal party, or an individual attending the wedding. This is just in case we need to get a hold of someone on the day.  

Locations are always such a big part of the day. Where will your locations be, and what will you be doing at each location? Please include the address for each location we will be required to drive to. 

Surprises are always exciting on the wedding day for all the guests, but sometimes can be tricky if the photographer or videographer does not know about it ahead of time. We want to be able to capture every exciting moment. Will you be having any surprises on the day?

One of the things we love most is being able to observe and learn from any traditional events at the wedding. Will you be practicing any cultural traditions, events or family traditions on the day?

Now we would like to learn a little bit more about you! How long have you been together? How did you meet? How are feeling for the wedding day? Excited? Nervous? A bit of everything?  

Everyone loves a good speech. The funny one, the tearful one, and the one that goes on way too long. Regardless, within in those speeches there are amazing stories, insightful advice, and precious moments to be heard. Who will be delivering speeches on your day at the reception?

We are always excited to work with new people/vendors in the wedding industry, and would like to give credit to those who were apart of the day. Please list the following vendors that will be apart of your day (Photography, florist, officiant, planners, makeup/hair, venue, and anyone else you feel like adding).

Please include a breakdown/schedule/itinerary for the part of day that we will be documenting. If you already have a PDF or other document of the itinerary, please email it to

Please include any other information you think would be important for the wedding day. This might be family dynamics, health status, seating arrangements for meals, parking, venue rules, etc.

Thanks for submitting!

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